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Tour Operatour Tanjung Puting

 Orangutan Tour Tanjung Puting / CV. DOLPHINDO

We are a tour operator Ke Tanjung Puting National Park that have been experienced during the 8 years organize traveler trip to Tanjung Puting National Park.

We have official permission from the government of West Kotawaringin, and have a clear offices located : Jl. Bendahara no 25 Kelurahan Kumai Hilir, Kecamatan Kumai, open daily to serve tourists who want to visit the Tanjung Puting National Park.

There are many tour operators that offer tour services to Tanjung Puting National Park, but for those of you travelers please be careful because many operators are now in Indonesia is illegal without a permit and does not have a fixed position and office. Because now very easy person to create a web tour deals. But they did not have permits real and the Office of the real. So it is very easy to happen fraud.

For that we recommend for tourists to be careful in buying a package tour offered on the internet, if they can not show the address and the office is clear, then you please be careful - careful conduct transactions on the web.

However we are domiciled carriers are obvious, and are located in accordance with google map and is verified by Google, and we have an office that is clear and open every day.

Tour In 2017, We offer attractive tour packages,

please see our other web :

Existence Of Our Office On Google Map : Please click the link on the left to see the location of our office in the google map.
Caution: Please be careful when booking tour on the Internet with an address that is not clear, because now a lot of online scams Indonesia under the pretext of travel tours. So therefore we show our location to you. that we exist and has been verified google map. Because many website travel tour who did not write the address clearly on the website and can not show the location on google map, they will easily conduct online fraud, because whenever it would be easy to close their web.
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