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Geographical location

Tanjung Puting National Park is geographically located between 2035'-3020 'South latitude and 111 050' - 112 015 'east longitude. This area is located on a headland on the south coast of Borneo, north-west of Central Kalimantan Province, covers the District of Kumai in West Kotawaringin and Pembuang Hulu districts, District Sembuluh Seruyan Hilir district. This area is limited by some conversion areas, creeks Kumai in the North, Seruyan River on the east and the Coast of Java Sea in the south and west.

The area of Tanjung Puting National Park 415,040 ha, mostly neighborhood is on a peninsula between the Gulf of Kumai, and Seruyan River.

The climate in this region including climate type A and B with a Q value of 8.6% and has a rainfall patterns are generally not based on the season, the humidity in the rainy season ranging between 55% -98% and the air temperature is 220-330 C. Rainfall average of around 2,400 mm / year, with the number of rainy days about 100 days / year. Most heavy rain occurs between the months of February - March and November - December. Driest period is during the months of August - September, before the start of the season northwest.

Topography of the region varies from lowland, hilly - the hill up light waves with a height of 0-30 m above sea level. Mostly marsh and tidal areas, particularly those located in small reed river up to the coast of the southern region. This area consists of a peninsula that lies low, swampy and waterlogged in certain seasons, fed by three major rivers namely Sekonyer rivers, Buluh Kecil River and  Buluh Besar River.
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