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Already this year 2015, the foundation has had to realease several recued orangutans into protected forest. Among the rescues undertaken by the Foundation’s partnership with the rescue team from BKSDA (Agency fo Conservation of Natural Resources for Central Kalimantan) was large cheek-padded male orangutan, now named Raja, and most recently, Rico a female, who is about 12 year old. Like most of our rescued orangutans, Raja was found living on the outskirts of an oil-palm platantion, while Rico was ancroaching 0n local village.

The foundation prefers to be able to realease alkl rescued orangutans as quickly as possible, but ensuring their health and safety before doing so takes precedence-good health is essential for a translocated orangutan to survive in the wild.

When the BKSDA staff rescued RICO and brought he to Pangkalan Bun in Central Kalimantan, she was weak and had minor wound on her hands, and so she entered the recovery phase of our realese programme After 17 days Rico showed positive improvement and was promptly release into the forests surrounding Camp Rasak in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve.

Once released, orangutans are quick to return to the tall forest canopies. Pausing only to assess the forest from a great height, they disappear rapidly into the tree tops, off to explore their new home.
2014 saw 18 Foundation rescues, but with efforts being made in the field to reduce human-wildlife conflict, we hope to see fewer orangutans in need of rescuing in future year.

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